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Logos: The Beginning of The Creation of God 
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Genesis Book


The Revelation of Jesus Christ [The Book of Revelation] 



The Holy City, New Jerusalem 
[*Hindi]             [*Arabic]


The Mark of Cain & The Wicked Ones 


The Original Sin & The Serpent Seed 
[*French]             [*Telugu]             [*Tamil]             [*Khmer]


The Image and Likeness of God 


The Coming of Christ 
[*French]             [*Khmer]


What is The Message of The Hour? 
[*Telugu]             [*French]


The Marriage of The Lamb 




From Glory to Glory 
[*French]             [*Marathi]            



Hearing, They Hear Not


His Inheritance In The Saints



There Is No Elisha!



Two Shall Be One Flesh 




The Bottomless Pit 

[*French]          [*Cebuano]


Polygamy: They Have Gone The Way of Lamech



Revelation, Truth and Love 


Speak The Word 


Scripturally...The Truth


The Tabernacle of God


You Cannot Outgive God



Time and Signs

[*Arabic]                                     [*Khmer]


The True Evidence of The Holy Spirit Baptism 


The Agape of God



If You Will Be Sincere... 




It Is Finished! 


The Final Events 



The Revelation of The Flaming Sword


Interpreting Sacred Scripture 

[*French]                 [*Tagalog]



The Sin of Adam 


The Foundation and The Wall 



From the Website 


The Ten Virgins



It's Raining! 


A Place By Me - On The Rock 




Questions & Answers 1


Questions & Answers 2 


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